Sex in the Midwest

Why it has taken me so long to start a blog I’m not sure. I’m a late twenties, single(ish) female living in the good ole’ Midwest. Although I’ve been in the social media scene for at least 9 years, I have yet to really share my true thoughts, opinions, and stories of my life for the world to see…I am now ready.

My goal with this blog is to share my interesting, dramatic, and more often than not hilarious dating experiences. I’m hoping to capture an audience with my past dating stories and lessons as well as paint a picture of my current dating life, because believe me, although I live in the slow¬†Midwest, it is anything but boring.

This first post’s title is based off of the award winning series turned movies “Sex in the City”. It is one of my all time favorite shows and I’ve recently realized this past year that I am/have turned into Carrie Bradshaw, a slightly younger, poorer version (LOL). I find myself in strange circumstances I thought only happened in movies and I’ve had so many people tell me over the years “You should write a book, seriously!”. Okay, well this is a first step I suppose.

Like Carrie B. I also have an enduring love for fashion. Designers, shoes, makeup, lingerie, I appreciate them all! Eventually, I plan to share my thoughts and opinions on these topics as I am a girly girl at heart and could be high maintenance if I had a larger wallet…should’ve gotten a degree in Engineering (dangit!).

I currently work full time as an HR Manager for an Aerospace company which is stressful yet one of the most boring professions! The majority of my day is listening to the drama and politics in the office, because if you thought your office was bad, try working with a large group of HR professionals, the best of the best drama queens. One of the only things I look forward to with this job is playing career dress up everyday. I’m usually the over dressed, sometimes uncomfortable young single gal in the office. But it’s a showcase for chic business attire! I live alone in an 800 square foot house, with an attached garage and nice big backyard for the love of my life to poop and play in. Her name is Bella, nicknamed “Bella Bear” “Bella Marie” “Bellarina”…She is a 3 lb Pomeranian goofball. She came into my life 2 years ago, and me having the baby fever once I hit 25, she has been a blessing! Poor thing has more toys and clothes than underprivileged children in third world countries, geesh! It is ridiculous, but I don’t have any children yet and I needed to spoil something.

As far as my current love life goes, I do have a boyfriend..manfriend? We’ve been dating for about 4 months and he’s a good catch for right now…more to come on that front later.

I’m cutting this off for now, but stick around ladies and gentlemen, I promise to have odd tales, dating woes, and juicy details from the perspective of the real life Carrie Bradshaw.